This module presents a brief overview of what is going on in the EMS industry with the increased payer demands for improved documentation driven by governmental reports released over the last few years. The focus is how clear, concise & accurate documentation is required more than ever as CMS and Recovery Audit Contractors ramp up their efforts through reviews and audits to recover potential revenue paid out incorrectly due to incorrect or fraudulent billing. The module also provides a brief overview of medical necessity including the CMS definition of it as well.

Target Audience

This module provides a good knowledge base as to the importance of compliance in relation to proper documentation as well as the current climate in the industry benefiting any type of staff.

Approximate Video Length: 38 Minutes

This module presents an overview of the CMS signature requirements for EMS providers and explains the different types of signatures that can be obtained in order to satisfy the requirement. Included in the module are definitions for each type of signee, a brief overview of credentialing and how credentialing and signatures relate.

Target Audience

This module would benefit Paramedics, EMTs, QA and internal billing staff providing additional refresher type training of the different ways to obtain signatures or to improve your agency's overall signature compliance percentage if low.

Approximate Video Length: 32 Minutes

This module presents an overview of the different levels of service as defined by CMS that are used in EMS billing and explains the requirements in order to bill BLS, ALS1, ALS2, and SCT levels of service as well as the ALS Assessment & ALS Intervention are reviewed in this module.

Target Audience

This module will benefit agencies whose Paramedics and EMTs play an active part in determining the level of service for billing or internal client billing staff.

Approximate Video Length: 37 Minutes

This module is the "introduction” module to instruct attendees how to properly document a patient care report. Topics include what are the expectations of EMS PCR documentation and how to properly "paint the picture” when documenting patient care. The module looks at the individual data points included in the patient care report for demographic information, billing information, the patient narratives, and the importance of each in relation to the billing process.

Target Audience

This module should be used as the first module provided to EMTs & Paramedics for agencies strictly interested in providing refresher training on how to document a patient care report. It also provides good base information that some Paramedics & EMTs may not be familiar with.

Approximate Video Length: 59 Minutes

This module opens with a review of patient assessment algorithms and the mnemonics that are used in conjunction when performing these assessments. It is followed by reviewing some of the most common medical complaints encountered by Paramedics & EMTs on a daily basis, providing specific tips of the type of documentation that should be included in the patient care report for each.

Target Audience

This module will be highly beneficial for all Paramedics & EMTs that write patient care reports as well as any staff in your agency that may be involved with the QA of a patient care report

Approximate Video Length: 58 Minutes

This module looks at other types of transports that a 911 provider may perform, although may not be classified as a 911 type call, and how to document patient care reports for these types of transports. Topics include hospital type discharges or transfers to other facilities, flight team transports as well as discussing the transfer of care and repeat admission type scenarios.

Target Audience

This module will benefit agencies that in addition to responding & transporting 911 type patients, may occasionally transport  patients who have been discharged from a hospital that are now going home or to a nursing facility. Paramedics, EMTs and any staff in your agency who may QA patient care reports would benefit from viewing this module.

Approximate Video Length: 39 Minutes

This module depicts a scenario for a call that a crew has been dispatched to, and then demonstrates step by step how an effective narrative should be documented in both the chronological and SOAP type formats.

Target Audience

This module will benefit Paramedics & EMTs whose documentation skills may need refresher training in order to document patient care reports to today's required standards. It will also benefit QA or review staff allowing them to make recommendations for improvement to your agency's Paramedics & EMTs.

Approximate Video Length: 33 Minutes