Documentation Training for 911 Providers



The Documentation Training for 911 Providers Modules Series is R1 RCM's first fully module-based delivery system that provides our EMS clients crucial documentation training. The training consists of 9 modules consisting of a 30 - 55 minute video, a written test and a certificate of completion.

This series of training modules not only allows you, our client, to pick the specific topic of the training needed for your staff, it also provides for scheduling flexibility to deliver the training, thereby reducing or cutting out overtime expenditures using the pre-recorded module options.

With your staff's viewing of these modules and their ability to incorporate new or refreshed knowledge from each into their patient care report documentation, could result as an opportunity to improve your agency's revenue while overall improving your patient's medical records, safeguarding your agency from any potential compliance or liability concerns. We encourage you and your staff to watch as many of the modules that may be applicable for your agency and to share any feedback regarding each with R1 RCM as your feedback is valuable, allowing us the opportunity to make additional improvements.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion a student must first watch a module's video to completion (allowing the software to close the open video window). This will allow access to the Quiz. Following a score of 60% or higher on the Quiz, the Certificate for that module will be accessible.

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