Intermedix's EMS Education Outreach Team is pleased to present a free webinar. 

EMS Patient Care Report Documentation has always been an integral part of the billing equation for agencies that depend on the revenue received for services performed by it's Paramedics and EMTs.

During the last 3 years there has been an intense amount of scrutiny from payers on patient care report documentation by EMS Providers with no letdown in sight. Types of calls that used to be getting paid are now not, and payers are demanding more documentation details regarding the patient's condition. 

During our session, we'll take a look at what is going on in the industry to bring these changes about and not only take a look at the top 5 most important data points found in a patient care report that can impact the ability of an EMS claim to be paid, but we will also discuss the significance of each and how to properly document each of them. 

 We're here to help, because we know unpaid claims caused by insufficient documentation hurts every agency's revenue and bottomline.